GeoMax  Field Controllers

The GeoMax Zenius700 A is a premium class, rugged, compact and powerful 7” Android tablet. The thin, light and ergonomic design, combined with best in class battery runtime performance and the ruggedness to the core, the Zenius700 design is optimised for use with GeoMax devices.
The FZ-B2 will boost your performance not matter the challenge you face.
The FZ-M1 is specially designed for field professionals like you - fully rugged to support the most severe weather conditions and equipped with a powerful processor, WindowsTM 8.1 and BluetoothTM.
Phased out - PS336 Series
These rugged field-ready Windows Mobile® handhelds were built to meet GeoMax requirements for power, functionality and ruggedness.
The GeoMax Zenius8 is a high-end field controller with unmatched user friendliness, class-leading performance, and the highest flexibility and ruggedness. Due to its capability to mount a high performance long range Bluetooth cap, it is the ideal device to control the GeoMax Zoom90 robotic total station in one man operation.
The Zenius5 is a versatile, rugged and fully equipped Windows Mobile Field Controller. Due to its integrated 3.75 G GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth modules it is the ideal device to connect to all receivers of the GeoMax GNSS Family.
Phased out - Zenith04 Series
As standalone handheld GPS device for all GIS applications or as data logger for GNSS devices and total stations, Zenith04 is your equipment choice when price-to-performance counts.
Phased out – Getac Z710
The perfect companion for the GeoMax XPad software to get the benefit from all the new features integrated in our software- the Z710 has you covered.

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